Where termites live inside California homes

drywood termites live under floor boards

All types of termite species can take up residence in numerous areas within your California home.

While the exterior foundations and wooden siding on the home are the most common locations to find termite infestations, they are not the only areas where there could be termite colonies within the home.

In addition to these locations, termites live in attics, crawlspaces, garages, sheds, workshops, hardwood flooring, subflooring, staircases, and solid wood kitchen cabinets.


What is the best termite treatment in San Diego?

tech applies termite treatment san diego home

There are 3 different termite control methods in San Diego to help protect your home.

Deciding which one is best is largely based on the results of a detailed whole house inspection from a qualified pest control technician. If your home is currently infested with termites, wood-eating beetles, or other pests, you will need a pest control treatment to eliminate these unwanted guests from the home.


Termite control in San Diego reaches termites in hard to access locations

Protecting your home against termites is essential in order to prevent costly repairs later. Once termites take up residence in your home, it can become difficult to fully eradicate the problem in one visit.

There are numerous areas in the home where termites will build colonies that are not easily accessible. In the past, this often meant tearing down the dry wall and ceilings in the interior of the home, or removing siding and roofing on the exterior of the home, further adding to the repair costs of the home. Thanks to modern technologies and new technologies for termite control in San Diego, it is now possible to reach colonies in difficult locations in the home, without having to take drastic measures.


Species of termites found in California

3 types of termite species

Termites are found all throughout California and are a risk for homeowners. The 3 different species of termites found in California include:

  1. Drywood termites (3/8 – 1 inch long)
  2. Dampwood termites (1/2 – 5/8 inch long)
  3. Subterranean termites (1/8 inch long)

California homes are prone to all 3 types of termites, with drywood and subterranean being the ones most commonly responsible for home damage. There are differences between each termite species.


Schedule a termite inspection in Orange County before starting winterization projects

The fall is an ideal time to winterize your home and make house repairs. While you are considering what you can do to improve your home, also consider a termite inspection in Orange County. Finding out if your home currently has termites or other pests, before starting your home improvement and repair projects, is more cost-effective.

If you discover you have pest problems later, all the hard work you just completed could be undone and result in great home repair costs.


Protecting your California home against unwanted pests

diagram of unwanted household pests

Your California home is a major investment you need to protect against unwanted pests. Every single year, pests such as rodents, termites, and ants get into homes throughout the state and cause damage. The extent of damages caused by pests depends upon the type of intruder and can quickly become a major headache.

The best way to avoid getting into this situation is to have your home inspected on an annual basis and treated, as needed, by our professional termite and pest service in California, to keep unwanted pests from getting inside your home and setting up residence.


Our termite company in Los Angeles helps protect your home

Homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area need to be aware of potential threats to their homes.

Sure it is easy to protect your home against the elements by making sure the roof is in good repair, by adding insulation and new windows to improve the energy efficiency of the home, and by applying new caulking whenever it is needed.

But protecting your home against unwanted pests, termites, and other insects is another matter.


All homeowners need termite control in Los Angeles

All Los Angeles homeowners should be concerned with potential damage to their home from a variety of sources: fire, wind, mudslides, rain, and pests. Out of all of these, pests, especially termites, are the top threat for homeowners when it comes to protecting their property.

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are responsible for more than $5 billion in household damages throughout the country. This is more than damages from severe weather, fires, and floods combined. While Mother Nature is unpredictable, protecting your home against termites is not, with the proper termite control in Los Angeles.


Have a termite inspection in San Diego performed annually

Scheduling a termite inspection in San Diego is something home and building owners should do on an annual basis.

Termites quickly multiply, and infestations often go unnoticed for several years until a property owner sees a termite. By this time, there could easily be numerous termite colonies throughout the entire home or building structure. Hundreds of termite colonies with millions of termites can survive in a small one-acre area.