Before listing your San Diego home, get a termite inspection

Preparing to put your San Diego home on the market is a detailed process. It requires more than just taking out an ad in the local San Diego newspaper or retaining the services of a qualified real estate agent to assist with the sale of the home.

First, you need to make your home ready to show potential buyers. No one wants to walk into a home that is cluttered, dirty, or needs repairs, especially if you are looking to get top dollar out of the property.

As part of your preparations, it is recommended to schedule a detailed termite inspection with our termite company in San Diego.

The best time to schedule a termite inspection in San Diego is after clearing out excess clutter from the home, but before you start any major repairs, painting, or other tasks to prepare your home for sale.

Improve the odds of selling your San Diego home

A termite inspection of your home helps to identify any potential problems you should address before putting your home up for sale.

For instance, if your Pacific Coast Termite technician discovers termite colonies within your home, you want to eradicate the infestation immediately and have any wood repairs completed. Otherwise, potential buyers are not going to be as interested in a home already infested with termites. It gives them the opportunity to dictate the terms of the sale, like asking for a substantial sales price reduction.

Another benefit of getting a termite inspection is that it lets serious buyers know your home is termite free. They do not have to worry about paying a termite company in San Diego to perform an inspection before submitting an offer or getting the home treated after closing. Rather, they can concentrate on moving in and getting settled in their new home.

Additionally, the same San Diego County termite control company you used to certify that your home was termite and pest free will work with the new owners to develop a customized preventive treatment program and annual inspection schedule to protect their investment.

Before listing your San Diego home, schedule a termite inspection

For more information, or to schedule a pest and termite inspection of your San Diego property before listing it on the market, contact us today by calling 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) or completing our inspection form online.