Burbank Termite Control and Removal

Termites rank at the top of the list for most troublesome household pests in Burbank, CA. They are more problematic than say ants or bedbugs because termites can destroy your house. Is it any wonder, therefore, that a termite inspection is required by a mortgage lender before purchasing a house?

If you suspect you have termites in your house, don’t delay calling a licensed professional that specializes in termite control and removal.

Pacific Coast Termite is such a company. Their field inspectors and technicians are in the San Fernando Valley on a regular basis. A complimentary termite inspection at your Burbank property can usually be scheduled within days.

We have been treating termites in Burbank since 2004. In over 15 years we have we have performed over 50,000 residential and commercial termite treatments without fumigation.

That’s right. No fumigation. No tenting. Burbank homeowners prefer we use Orange Oil instead. Orange oil is a natural product that is less toxic than other termiticides. It kills termites on contact when injected into infested wood. It’s harmless to humans and pets. You don’t have to leave your house while we work.

We are confident in our results that we offer a 2-year warranty on all our termite treatments. Our warranty can be transferred to a new owner, plus while under warranty there is no charge for a termite inspection if you sell your property.

What Types of Termites Do We Find in Burbank?

No Burbank homeowner wants to be told they have termites. A large termite infestation can be extremely destructive to wood structures behind walls inside your house like support beams and rafters, as well as outside like sheds, fences and decks.

There are two primary species of termites living in Southern California: the Drywood Termite and Subterranean Termite. Both are equally capable of wrecking havoc on your home if left uncontrolled.

  • Drywood termites don’t need hardly any moisture at all to survive and can live in very dry conditions.
  • Subterranean termites need a lot of moisture so they live underground and bridge their way to wood through mud tubes.

Schedule a FREE Termite Inspection in Burbank

The best way to find out the type of termites inside your Burbank home is to get a FREE termite inspection. All of Pacific Coast Termite’s inspectors are highly trained to identify signs of termite activity and propose a treatment plan that solves the problem.

Contact us at (714) 450-1250 or schedule the inspection online today.

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