Termite Control Services In Burlingame, CA

Since 2007, Pacific Coast Termite has been dedicated to helping Burlingame residents thoroughly rid their homes and businesses of termites. Even our customers who are aware of ways to deter them rely on our expertise to help because they realize how prevalent and hidden termites in San Mateo County can be.

Achieving exceptional outcomes at an affordable cost is the goal we have for each and every termite control project regardless of its size or scope. With over 45,000 successful termite treatments in California under our belt we realize each property and situation is a little bit different. Therefore, we customize our termite treatment, wood repair, and maintenance plans accordingly to keep termites away.

Are Burlingame Termites Preventable?

For many Burlingame property owners, termites will be present at some point regardless of any countermeasures that are deployed. However, adding the following components to your termite control efforts can go a long way in reducing the number of termite infestations and the amount of damage they can cause.

Termite control recommendations include:

  • Regularly scheduling inspections
  • Being aware of the signs termites leave behind such as paper-like wings, holes in wood, small piles of wood shavings, or mud tubes
  • Applying new caulking around doors and windows
  • Keeping basements, crawl spaces, and attics dry
  • Cleaning out gutter debris often
  • Positioning stacks of wood away from the sides of your home or business
  • Pretreating brand-new wood or wood that is exposed to moisture

What To Expect During The Termite Treatment Process

The following four phases are used by our termite company to maximize results. Each is carried out by one or more of our professional inspectors, technicians, or in-house carpenters.

1st Phase: Termite Inspection
2nd Phase: Termite Treatment
3rd Phase: Wood Damage Repair
4th Phase: Ongoing Maintenance

During all phases, your safety is held in the highest regard. When treatments are performed, Pacific Coast Termite only uses eco-friendly, safe, and effective non-tenting and non-fumigation methods giving you peace of mind.

Call our licensed and highly experienced termite company at 650-314-9117 or contact us online today. We are always ready to help our Burlingame customers elevate their termite control results.

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