Termite Control Services For Your Carson Home Or Business

We strive to deliver the most effective termite control service to protect your Carson house or building. Our team of Southern California licensed technicians can help resolve your termite infestation problem. They will first find the location of any termite colony and then provide the best treatment method.

For home and business owners in Carson, CA who are looking for the least toxic termite control product available, we offer XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus. This popular non-fumigation treatment method helps eliminate and control all types of termites around, and inside, your Carson home or business.

Orange oil’s active ingredient, D-Limonene, is highly toxic to termites but practically harmless to humans and pets. It’s effective at eradicating termites on contact and does not require tenting. No having to tent your property saves you the headache of having to make preparations to leave your place before, during and after the treatment. Other benefits of orange oil are that it leaves no residue, does not pollute the air, or smells bad. In fact orange oil has a pleasant orangey smell.

We recognize that XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus does not deliver a 100% termite mortality rate, therefore we will use other products, like Termidor, to lengthen the residual killing affect that orange oil does not provide. Using both products alongside each other ensures a 1-2 punch that is long-lasting.

We are so confident that you’ll be happy with our termite control results that we offer a 2-year warranty. So what are you waiting for? Call us at (714) 450-1250 to request a free termite inspection for your Carson home or business.

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