East Palo Alto Termite Control

East Palo Alto, CA: How would you like to go to sleep one night and have your termite problems completely vanish? Wouldn’t it be great if your termites magically disappeared and any termite wood damage repaired itself by the time you woke up the next morning? We think so and bet you would too!

Until either of us can figure out how to make that happen, contacting Pacific Coast Termite is the next best thing to do in East Palo Alto. Here’s why:

  • We can’t get rid of termites while you sleep at night but you can be home during the day while we work. Your kids and pets can be home too. Nobody has to pack and leave.
  • We can’t make termite infestations magically vanish but it may seem so compared to having a big tent covering your entire home that is a neighborhood eyesore.
  • We can’t have wood repair itself but we’ll use our skilled in-house carpenters to repair or replace it so it’s quickly back to being structurally sound and blending in with the wood around it.

4-Step East Palo Alto Termite Control Process

Our termite company has conducted over 50,000 termite treatments throughout California since 2007. In East Palo Alto and other cities in San Mateo County, we have learned that following a particular 4-step protocol is very efficient and effective.

The 4 steps are:

  1. Inspect for termites
  2. Treat termite infestations
  3. Repair wood damage
  4. Prevent termites from returning

East Palo Alto Termite Inspection: How To Get Started

Call us today at 650-314-9117 or contact our termite company online to schedule a termite inspection and ask any questions you may have. Once the termite inspection is finished we will work with you to quickly and affordably make your East Palo Alto termite control problems disappear now and in the future.

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