Gilroy Termite Company Makes Things Easy

Is it easy getting the termite control process started? Yes! Most of our first time Gilroy, CA customers are greatly relieved when they find out our termite control process is much easier than what they assumed it would be. Upon learning that we only use safe alternatives to tenting and fumigation, their concerns go down and their motivation to get started right away with termite control goes up.

If you have delayed getting termite treatment in Gilroy because of how inconvenient you’ve thought it would be, wait no longer. Pacific Coast Termite can easily solve any size termite problem without you having to be away from home or do any extensive pre-treatment preparation.

How Much Termite Control Experience Does Pacific Coast Termite Have?

Our termite company has conducted over 50,000 successful termite treatments throughout California since 2007. This has provided us the opportunity to learn how to operate in unusual situations and under non-standard conditions. Our depth and breadth of experience gives our customers peace-of-mind.

Are Your Gilroy Termite Treatments Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely. We care about your safety and the environment. All of the products we use such as XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™ are non-toxic, applied locally, and are generally safe for humans, pets, and landscaping.

Should I Start By Contacting Your Termite Company For a Termite Inspection?

Yes, that would be great. Pacific Coast Termite can be reached at 408-740-3281 or online to scheduling a Gilroy termite inspection. We are very easy to work with and care about customer satisfaction every step of the way. From initial contact to final completion we’ll be here for you!

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