La Habra Termite Company Helps Homeowners

Knowing if you have termites in your La Habra house can be confusing. Don’t let the unknown keep you from finding out the truth. Contact a termite company for straight answers.

Pacific Coast Termite conducts termite inspections and gives you the facts. The sooner you have a plan of action, the sooner you can prevent any further termite damage at home.

Are All Termite Treatments the Same?

No, they’re not. Several types of termite treatments are used today. Some use fumigation and some don’t. With fumigation, a home is fully tented. Without fumigation, safe and effective products such as XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™ are used on the affected and surrounding wood.

Our non-tenting termite company relies on a non-fumigation termite treatment process that minimizes the use of toxic pesticides. Also, we are proud to have performed over 50,000 successful treatments in California since 2007.

How Do You Get Rid of Termites in La Habra, CA?

Pacific Coast Termite has a 4-step approach. Within this approach, each step is customized as needed.

  1. Conduct termite inspection.
  2. Perform termite treatment.
  3. Repair or replace damaged wood by termites.
  4. Put in place a termite prevention plan.

You can count on us for all of your La Habra termite control needs! Contact Pacific Coast Termite at 714-450-1250 or online to get started. We look forward to speaking with you.

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