Termite Control in Los Altos, CA

Not sure how protected your Los Altos home is from termites?

Learning your house has been infested with termites can be terrifying. The psychological strain of knowing termites are eating through the wood of your house can be overwhelming. We can help stop the problem from getting worse. We offer a suite of effective, fast acting termite control treatments with no need to fumigate or tent your home. We won’t rest until you are satisfied our termite exterminators have done their job.

Our Los Altos termite control technicians understand that treating a home for termites requires a multi-faceted approach. It’s one thing to know you’ve got termites. It’s another thing to know the reason why the termites invaded your home in the first place. Our technicians look at the big picture with long-term prevention as the final goal. What good is it to wipe a colony of termites if you never bothered to diagnose and fix the root cause of the problem? The problem will most likely recur, right?

At Pacific Coast Termite, a locally owned company headquartered across the Bay in Fremont, our exterminators are trained and licensed to deliver immediate AND long term results tailor fit to your individual needs.

How To Keep Your Home Safe from Los Altos Termites

Los Altos is no different than any other Santa Clara County city like Mountain View and Palo Alto. It has a termite population. They swarm. They invade homes. They eat wood. We view them as pests, but ask a termite and they would say they’re just doing what mother nature created them to do. Our job is to make sure they don’t return to invade your home again.

Deciding the type and amount of termite treatments necessary to protect your home is carefully considered based on numerous factors. Every customer is different. For example, not everybody may want or need XT2000 Orange Oil to control termites even though it is our most popular treatment type.

Our recommendation will likely factor your home’s square footage, severity of termite damage to wood structures, moisture conditions, and others.

To effectively perform termite control in a Los Altos house, condo or apartment, we will follow all these four steps.

  1. Inspect: The first step is to determine if you have a termite problem. We begin with a complete termite inspection by looking for common termite signs. We provide a detailed analysis report with action steps.
  2. Treat: If termites are found, then the second step is treatment. To minimize health risks of fumigation, we will recommend alternative termite treatments that are more eco-friendly to eliminate termite species.
  3. Repair: Depending on the severity of the termite damage, the third step involves repairs. Our wood repair division has expert carpenters trained to repair or replace wooden structures destroyed by termites.
  4. Prevent: To prevent recurring termite infestations, the fourth step includes prevention measures, such as pre-treatment care to new wood constructions plus all-natural home insulation to keep termites away.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

You’ve heard this saying countless times, but do you always act? With home prices soaring and the median home value in Los Altos at $3.6 million (Zillow, Jun 2018), can you afford to dismiss this advice? Termites are not deadly the same way a poisonous snake is deadly. But they are most definitely deadly in destroying homes. We’ve seen beautiful multi-million mansions in the South Bay destroyed by termites in just a few weeks. Had the owners contacted us as soon as they suspected they had termites, a total loss could have been avoided.

Don’t be a termite victim. Contact Pacific Coast Termite today to schedule a free termite inspection or no-obligation price estimate to learn how much it will cost for termite control and prevention in Los Altos, CA.

Pacific Coast was by far the most thorough and caught several things that Planet Orange didn’t check in the same manner. I was able to see the areas that Pacific Coast found, so I know the problem areas were real.


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