Pacific Grove Termite Company

Since 2007, Pacific Grove residents and business owners have trusted Pacific Coast Termite with their Monterey County termite control needs. Our customers have enjoyed our consistent professionalism as well as our ability to provide non-tenting termite treatments and in-house wood repairs at a reasonable cost.

We invite you to also rely on us to solve your termite problems and see for yourself how easy we are to work with. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient and always has your satisfaction in mind.

Do Termites Ingest Wood?

Yes they do. Consuming wood isn’t just what termites do for fun, they ingest it to survive. This makes them great insects for breaking down decaying wood out in nature. However, no one wants this to happen to the wood in their home or business. Therefore, make sure termites aren’t causing damage to your wood structures so they’ll continue to look great and maintain their strength.

Termite Inspections in Pacific Grove, CA

Is your home’s termite status keeping you up at night? Calling us at 831-275-3007 or sending a request online for a Pacific Grove termite inspection is the first step in ending your concerns. One of our skilled inspectors will be happy to let you know if they find termites and provide a cost estimate for any recommended termite treatments or wood repairs. Before you know it, your termite worries will be a thing of the past!

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