Termite Control in Salinas, CA

When you hear the mention of Salinas, you might think of vineyards, flower farms, vegetable growers and John Steinbeck. It’s doubtful termites come to mind. But termites do live in Salinas, and like other household pests, they can damage your home if not properly controlled and eliminated by a professional termite service technician.

Pacific Coast Termite specializes in ridding your home of termites. Salinas residents trust our termite company to protect their family and home with NO TENTING & NO FUMIGATION termite treatments. Whether we determine the best treatment method is to drill, fill and seal with X2000 Orange Oil or spray with Bora-Care, our experts will propose a cost-effective solution in a environmentally conscious manner.

If you’re about to construct a new house in Salinas, we can pretreat the wood and concrete structures for termites. It’s best to have your builder contact us because we may need to schedule several visits to coincide with construction phases, like when they pour the foundation walls or lay the block. If you are remodeling or renovating an outdoor wood structure like a gazebo or pergola, we may be able to have it pretreated the same day.

Termites in Salinas and Monterey County

Termite control is a top concern for all Salinas residents. Whether you live by the Pacific Ocean or in the hot Salinas Valley interior, destructive termites can flourish in the warm, dry summers and cool, moist winters. We usually find Western drywood termites in the valley and Pacific dampwood termites by the ocean. Regardless what type you have, they all cause structural timber damage. We have seen extensive damage caused by termites in Monterey County, especially with homes framed with Douglas Fir timber.

Prevent a Termite Attack

Nobody wants to be told their house or commercial facility has a termite swarm or colony infestation. But when bad news arrives and you’re under attack by termites, you need to act immediately. The sooner you let us know, the faster we can work toward a termite-free solution.

When you choose Pacific Coast Termite to be your Salinas termite control company you will be promised the most customer-friendly and reliable termite service in the “Salad Bowl of the World“. We strive to treat you with the same respect you would want from a family member or close friend. This includes giving you honest advice and a fair price. We are sensitive to your concerns and do all we can to provide an environmentally sound and safe termite treatment for everyone in your family, including your pets.

Nothing but professional from the inspection to the treatment. All work was completed quickly and efficiently, on time and on budget.


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