Stanton Termite Control Services

Orange County is a beautiful place and Stanton residents and business owners are doing their part to keep destructive termites away. With the help of Pacific Coast Termite, you can too. We will find and take care of these unwanted insects in an easy and affordable manner without tenting or fumigation!

What Type of Termites Has Your Termite Company Treated in Stanton?

Many types of termites have been treated by Pacific Coast Termite in Stanton. The most common are:

  • Drywood – These termites typically remain above ground and can thrive without hardly any moisture.
  • Dampwood – This type usually doesn’t have contact with the ground but they need wood with a high moisture content to survive.
  • Subterranean – Termites of this type live underground and build mud tubes to get to the wood they consume to stay alive.
    Although some species can be more obvious to see than others, any of them can be hidden and cause damage to wooden structures.

Stanton, CA Termite Inspections

Let us find out if any type of termite has already invaded your home or business. Give us a call today at 714-450-1250 to schedule a Stanton termite inspection. If you prefer to reach out online, we respond to inquiries through our website too. Either way, we’ll get your termite problems taken care of right away!

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