Get a termite inspection in Los Angeles before buying a home

While you might not think termites are an issue when shopping for a new condominium downtown, and only a possible concern for homes in the suburbs, you would be wrong.

One particular species of termites, called drywood termites, do not require an in-ground colony. This particular species builds colonies in dry wood and survives outside of the ground as long as they have access to steady source of wood.

Southern California is an ideal climate for several different species of termites to live and thrive. Termites are quite capable of adapting to their surroundings, even in large cities like Los Angeles.

Sale terms should include a termite inspection

Once you find the perfect home you want to make an offer on, make sure the terms of the sale include a condition for a complete pest and termite inspection in Los Angeles. Even that new luxury condo in a downtown LA high rise you are considering is at risk for termites.

Many new home buyers make the mistake of not including a termite inspection in their sales contract. They close on the home and, several months or years later, discover the home is infested with termites or other wood-eating pests. Since there was no Los Angeles termite inspection performed prior to the sale, they are left paying all expenses incurred to get rid of the termite problem, as well as the several thousand dollars in repairs.

In situations where the seller refuses to pay for the inspection, it is still worth your time and money to get a pest and termite inspection in Los Angeles completed before you buy the home. You will appreciate learning if there are termites or other wood-eating pests in the home before you purchase it and are left dealing with the problem on your own.

Why are termites a problem for homeowners in Los Angeles?

Termites serve one primary function: to eat dry wood and aid in the decomposition of dead and dying trees. Termites are not able to distinguish between dry wood sources found in nature and those used to build homes, condominiums, and apartments in the greater Los Angeles area.

As such, termites can quickly become a problem for homeowners who ignore this pest and believe their home is safe and secure from ever being invaded by termites or other wood-eating pests.

Further adding to the problem is how termites colonize and expand their territories.

A single healthy termite colony easily consists of millions of termites. During termite mating season, new colonies are established a short distance away from the original colony. This is partially due to the support the new colonies receive from the main colony until they are fully established. Since termites never sleep, it does not take long for them to expand and establish hundreds of colonies in a relatively small space of about an acre or less. With hundreds of colonies and millions of termites in each one, it is not a matter of if, but when your home is going to be invaded by this pest.

Request a termite inspection before buying a Los Angeles home

To learn more about the importance of getting a termite inspection in Los Angeles before buying a new home, or for other homes you already own in Los Angeles, contact us today by calling 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) or completing our inspection form online.