Have a termite inspection in San Diego performed annually

Scheduling a termite inspection in San Diego is something home and building owners should do on an annual basis.

Termites quickly multiply, and infestations often go unnoticed for several years until a property owner sees a termite. By this time, there could easily be numerous termite colonies throughout the entire home or building structure. Hundreds of termite colonies with millions of termites can survive in a small one-acre area.

The amount of damage caused to homes and buildings in the San Diego area by termite infestations average around $3,500 for homeowners and $7,500 for building owners. Keep in mind, these figures reflect what it costs to repair damage caused by termites discovered sooner, rather than later. If the damages are substantial, repair costs could easily soar into the tens of thousands of dollars for both homeowners and building owners.

Termites in San Diego

There are two distinct species of termites we look for during a termite inspection in San Diego.

  1. Drywood termites
    Drywood termites have adapted over time and survive outside of the ground. As a result, this species is capable of building colonies anywhere there is a steady source of wood available, including attics, crawl spaces, walls, subflooring, and other areas of homes and buildings.
  2. Subterranean termites
    Subterranean termites live everywhere in California and throughout the United States. This species of termite survives by building colonies in the ground near viable food sources (i.e. wood) both under and around the home or building.

Both drywood termites and subterranean termites can survive within San Diego’s city limits and are not limited to more rural areas. They chew through brick, concrete, plastic, drywall, and other building materials to reach wood sources. In addition, termites only require a small crack or opening to gain entry to your home or building in San Diego. However, termites are not the only wood destroyers in San Diego that you have to be worried about.

Beside termites, home and building owners should be aware of other wood destroying organisms which damage wood such as wood-decay fungus types like dry rot.

Additionally, there are other insects that either eat wood, or which burrow into wood to build colonies, like beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood wasps.

Our termite inspection in San Diego looks for these wood destroying organisms as part of a whole house/building and property inspection. Our pest control technician also inspects your home for other types of pests like rodents.

In the event problems are discovered, our professional pest management technician will discuss various treatment options, what can be done to prevent infestations in the future, and what repairs are necessary after the termites or other wood destroying organisms have been eradicated from your San Diego property. Our experienced technician will also recommend that you get your home or building inspected at least once a year.

Plan for a termite inspection in San Diego annually

Even if you do not currently think you have a termite or wood-destroying-organism problem, it never hurts to schedule a free home termite inspection in San Diego annually. Call us at 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) or complete our inspection form online.