Termite control in San Diego reaches termites in hard to access locations

Protecting your home against termites is essential in order to prevent costly repairs later. Once termites take up residence in your home, it can become difficult to fully eradicate the problem in one visit.

There are numerous areas in the home where termites will build colonies that are not easily accessible. In the past, this often meant tearing down the dry wall and ceilings in the interior of the home, or removing siding and roofing on the exterior of the home, further adding to the repair costs of the home. Thanks to modern technologies and new technologies for termite control in San Diego, it is now possible to reach colonies in difficult locations in the home, without having to take drastic measures.

Before applying any treatments to your home, the first step in termite control in San Diego is to identify where every nest is located in the house. This is sometimes referred to as a structure treatment. Small holes are drilled in specific locations where it is difficult to determine whether there is a termite infestation.

A small scope, called a boroscope, similar to the ones used by surgeons, is passed through the opening, and the wood in the area is inspected for termites and signs of termite activity. If there are no signs of termites, the hole is then patched.

If termites are present, or there has been recent activity, the wood is treated by drilling small holes, from the site of the infestation and out at least 30 inches in each direction. Each hole is carefully injected with XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus termite control in San Diego.

This termite treatment method maximizes coverage in a single treatment for every infestation found in the home because XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is absorbed by the porous cells in the wood being treated. After the entire home has been treated, all drilled holes are patched and sealed.

Prevent re-infestations with termite control in San Diego

After your home has been eradicated of termites, and repaired, you need to take steps to prevent the home from becoming re-infested later.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is only effective in the areas where it has been applied, so any wood not treated is still susceptible to termite infestations. One effective method to kill termites is to use Premise® in the soil around your home, as well as in crawl spaces under the home. Once termites are exposed to Premise®, they stop feeding and soon die. Any other termites they come into contract with are also exposed to Premise and die. Premise® uses a special chemistry formulation to allow it to bind to the soil and prevent it from washing away when it rains.

Request a San Diego termite inspection

Besides Premise® and XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, there are several other effective treatment methods to prevent termite re-infestations in your San Diego home.

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