Termite Control in California

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Pacific Coast Termite offers residents and businesses in California a range of termite control treatments and services that eliminate the need for fumigation by tenting.

We will customize an individualized termite control plan for you that includes one or all of the following termite control practices:

  • Use eco-friendly liquid termite treatments
  • Repair damaged wood structures from termites
  • Prevent recurring termite infestations with a wood pretreatment care plan
  • Install TAP attic insulation which includes an attic clean out service

Your Pacific Coast trained professional understands how termites think, where they like to live, feed and breed. They know what common household entry points to inspect for termites and what best practices are needed to eliminate them.

After we complete a comprehensive termite inspection we can then recommend which termite services and treatment methods will be required to protect your home and family. You will feel assured our specialists best understand how to eliminate your termite problem.

How we approach a termite problem

If termites are left alone they’ll eat you out of your house. Don’t be that unfortunate homeowner. Approach the situation the same way you take care of your teeth or your car – get an annual inspection or “check up” to detect any early warning signs before the problem becomes out of control.

While no two homes are ever the same, our approach to a termite problem remains the same regardless of the home’s age or material type.

  • We safeguard your home from termites by focusing on the interior, exterior and foundation where termites can be living in hard to reach places in walls, crawl spaces, attics, eaves, windows, slabs, doors and gaps in plumbing pipes.
  • We protect your structure from both subterranean and drywood termites by treating areas both above and below ground.
  • We use non-invasive applications to eliminate termites that are natural and safe for pets and the environment. For example, we are California’s largest orange oil specialist, specifically XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus for its scientifically proven results.

Request a termite control services price estimate

If you live in California and want to learn more about termite protection for your home or building, then contact us online or call 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) to request a price estimate for any of our termite control services.