Termite Treatments

termite treatments

With the proper use of termite treatment methods and techniques, we can control and remove subterranean, dampwood and drywood termites infesting homes throughout California.

2 Year Warranty on termite treatments

We provide a 2 year warranty and 10% discount on all of the following termite treatments:

Plus, we are authorized to treat and register homes under the Bora-Care® 30 Year Limited Warranty Program!

Drill treatment method

The basic method of using XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus treatment is quite simple.

termite treatment diagram

This diagram illustrates a hypothetical termite infestation of twelve colonies (noted in red) over fifty-nine linear feet of wood.

After locating the area of infestation, we drill in a staggered pattern from the point of infestation out 30 inches in all directions. This will maximize the coverage of a single treatment.

Once drilled, we insert the B&G and inject XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus for a sufficient period of time to permeate the wood members.

When treating an infested area, it is essential to use an effective drill pattern, thus ensuring the complete saturation of both the infected and surrounding wood with XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus.

When drilling it is important we use a variety of bits so that infested boards can be deeply penetrated without passing through the entire board.

When injecting XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, we use a generous amount of product.

Though efficacy studies have demonstrated that a minute amount of d-limonene is quite potent, it is better to use more product to maximize the potential effect.

A good rule of thumb is to apply XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus from a B&G at a low pressure for at least 5 seconds per hole drilled.

When using the B&G injector, it is more effective to utilize a lower pressure as a higher pressure will encourage resistance. A lower pressure will ensure that XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is soaking porous cells of the wood being treated.

It is sometimes helpful we start injecting directly at the location of the kickout. As the liquid flows through the termite gallery, the other holes of the drill pattern may begin to drip product and provide further evidence of areas of infestation.

Scope and Treat Method

The reasons why XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus can be used to treat drywood termites in your Northern or Southern California home is due to the scope and treat method.

Areas once considered inaccessible become visible through the use of boroscopes, similar to those used in complicated surgeries.

When there is reason to believe termite infestation extends into inaccessible areas such as wall voids, we locate the studs or other concealed wood members with a stud finder. We avoid other concealed items such as electrical wiring and plumbing when using the scope.

Once the suspected area of infestation is located, we drill an entry point in the surrounding material to insert the boroscope. If a concealed area is found to be infested with the boroscope, we simply drill and treat the wood member using XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus and patch when finished.

If an infestation is suspected higher within a wall void, based on evidence located in windowsills or other areas, one of our Northern or Southern California technicians may need to scope this area as well.