Termite prevention during new home construction in California

termite prevention using bora care pretreatment during new home construction

Pretreating wood and other constructions materials during new home construction in California helps prevent termite infestations later.

It is better to have your new home treated during the construction phase, rather than wait until after the home is completed.

Since the wood is already exposed and easily accessible before drywall, insulation, siding, and roofing are installed, all of the wood can be treated and protected against termites.

There are several different pretreatment options available in California, such as soil treatments and Bora-Care®.

Soil treatments are dependent upon weather conditions, water sources, and construction schedules. The ground has to be dry for proper application. Even if the ground is initially dry, if it rains shortly after treatment you may need to have it reapplied to ensure proper protection. Further, during the application of soil treatment, California laws require all construction on the home to be halted. Workers must leave the job site and stay away until after the treatment is completed, delaying construction on the home. In locations where there are nearby water sources, soil treatments cannot always be used, due to the risks of chemicals leaching into the water.

Bora-Care® pretreatment during new home construction

Bora-Care® is a viable alternative pretreatment option which eliminates many of the hassles of soil treatments. It is applied directly to the wood, concrete, subfloors, sill plates, expansion joints, and other structures of the home. You do not have to worry about scheduling your termite application around construction schedules, as it is applied during the dried-in construction phase of the home. Weather will not affect when the treatment is applied. Additionally, construction workers do not have to leave the job site while Bora-Care® is applied, and they are able to continue working.

Once the new home construction reaches the insulation phase, you can increase your protection against termites and other pests, such as cockroaches, ants, and silverfish, by using TAP insulation. This insulation product provides thermal insulation, reduces the transmission of sound, and offers pest control in a single product. It is approved for use in new home construction, as well as home improvement projects where more insulation is being added to an existing home in California.

In situations where the home construction was completed prior to you buying the property, it is in your best interests to have a termite home inspection completed. The builder should have on file whether or not the home was pretreated for termites, and which methods were used.

If you discover the home has not been protected against termites, insist that the home be treated, as a condition of the sale. You can contact our pest management professionals in California if you have questions about the treatments the builder used to ensure your home is properly protected against termites, as well as to request a home inspection against pests prior to the sale of the home.

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