What does a San Diego termite inspection include?

When you schedule a San Diego termite inspection for your home or business, it includes a detailed whole-property inspection.

Our termite inspector in San Diego is not going to show up just looking for signs of termites and the damage they might have caused to wooden structures within your building or home.

He is going to look for other wood-eating pests like wood-eating ants and beetles that also destroy dry wood and pose potential threats for property owners. Some wood-eating pests do not rely on the wood as a food source, but rather use the wood to build nests or to create tunnels through the interior of the wood for safety and protection from their enemies.

During your inspection, your Pacific Coast Termite inspector will discuss any current concerns, answer questions, and explain the types of pests he is going to be looking for in and around your home or building.

In addition to checking the interior structures, he will examine the exterior of the building for signs such as cracked or peeling paint, cracks in mortar, openings and gaps in the foundation, and insect activity.

Next, he will examine the property surrounding your building for different aspects that could be potential attractants to termites and other wood-eating pests.

For instance, if you store mulch or firewood near the home, both of these are ideal habitats for wood-eating pests. It is not long before termites in mulch or other pests find access to your home and start destroying it from the inside out. So if you store firewood or keep mulch piles, it is best to keep them far away from the home as possible, as well as any wooden storage sheds.

Another attractant is that of any dead trees and branches found on your property. After trees die, the wood dries out. Termites’ primary function is to eat dry wood. From nature’s perspective, termites do provide a valuable service by recycling dead wood. However, this service is not well appreciated when it is your home or office building the termites are attempting to recycle.

Wood-eating insects are not the only pests for home and business owners. During your detailed San Diego termite inspection, your Pacific Coast inspector will also examine your property and structure for rodents, roaches, and silverfish, as well as bats. Most people do not know there are 22 species of bats in San Diego County, some of which become problems for business and homeowners. Bats, just like other rodents, carry diseases harmful to humans.

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