Why coastal homes need termite control in Los Angeles

termite damaged railing in los angeles coastal town

If you own a coastal home in Los Angeles you know how sea salt naturally extracts moisture from wood structures, causing it to dry out. In order maintain wood support columns, siding, or shutters requires resealing on a regular basis.

However, damage from sea water salt should not be your only concern.

As wood starts to crack from exposure to the elements, it creates small openings into the interior of the home. These openings are used by termites and other insects to gain entry into the home.

Therefore, prior to starting any wood restoration or protection projects, we strongly recommend you consider a home inspection for termite control in Los Angeles.

During your home inspection, our professional pest management professional looks for signs of termites, as well as other insects. If termite colonies or other pests are found in or around your home, our environment technician will discuss current and potential problems with you and explain various options for dealing with these.

Treatment plans for termite control in Los Angeles are flexible to fit with your exact requirements and follow a set order of steps:

  1. Identify termite colonies and other pests
  2. Eradicate existing colonies from the interior and exterior of the home
  3. Inspect the home for any damages after the termites have been eliminated
  4. Provide a detailed list of all required repair
  5. Install new wood and repair all damage to the home
  6. Treat the entire home with termite prevention products, including the newly installed wood
  7. Create a prevention management treatment plan for annual or bi-annual home inspections

Termites can be prevented by termite control specialists with regularly schedule home inspections. Additionally, you should have your pest control specialist pre-treat any new wood you use on your home as part of repairs from salt water or previous termite damage.

Do homes in Downtown LA need termite control in Los Angeles?

All homes and buildings in the Greater LA Area need regular home inspections and termite control in Los Angeles.

Termites can survive anywhere there is moisture and wood. Some species have adapted and now build colonies above ground, in attics, crawl spaces, subflooring, and other dark and damp areas of buildings. These termites not only damage the wood within the building, but are capable of chewing through drywall, plaster, paint, concrete, and plastic to get to sources of wood.

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to homes and buildings all throughout the United States on an annual basis. Many people do not realize their home is under attack by these pests until damage is noticeable.

In Los Angeles, people spend between $3,000 to $5,000 on average to make repairs from the damage caused by termites. Rather than run the risk of assuming your home or building is termite free, it is much better to have a personalized termite prevention plan created for your property.

Prevent your coastal home from termites by scheduling a termite inspection

Don’t let termites gain entry into your coastal home. Contact Pacific Coast Termite by calling 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) or completing our contact form online in order to discuss termite control preventive measures in Los Angeles.