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Pacific Coast Termite offers 2 year warranties on our termite treatments. We not only control current termite infestation with our expert pest control services, but we go the extra mile by treating your home…

Pacific Coast Termite

Orange Oil Plus®

Orange Oil Plus® is a naturally occurring essential oil, derived from a natural resource, the rind of citrus. This remarkable citrus oil is a proven and highly successful treatment for the eradication of dry-wood termites…

Pacific Coast Termite

T•A•P Pest Control!

While reducing your energy bills by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, T•A•P also controls common household pests that nest in attics and walls like roaches, ants, termites, and silverfish.

Located in Southern and Northern California

Pacific Coast Termite has successfully treated over 20,000 homes, businesses, and commercial properties throughout California.

Pacific Coast Termite

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The signs of an infestation may not be obvious to the inexperienced. Our professionals will create a custom prevention plan tailored to your home's individual needs.

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Providing cutting edge solutions and bringing professionalism to the pest control industry.

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Your home is your haven. Your business is your work space. Keep them safe, comfortable and free of pests.

At Pacific Coast Termite, we control pests with superior care and expertise, because the spaces where you work and rest should never be uncomfortable.

  • Green methods and products, for your family, employees & the environment.

  • No extended absences to schedule or intrusive tents. Stay at home or work while we exterminate.

  • First-rate, recognized customer service and 2-year guarantee.

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Pacific Coast Termite Testimonials

"I recently used their service to treat dry wood and subterranean termite problems in my house. And the end result?”

I am very happy!

"The inspector who came to my home was very professional, and I appreciated the fact that he was very informative when answering my questions about the treatment. It gave me peace of mind to know that they knew exactly what they were doing. When the technician came to spray underneath the house, he was very professional and had a hard job working with our tight crawl spaces. But he did a great job and then I felt even better when he explained the 2-year warranty!

All in all, I am really happy that I went with Pacific Coast Termite. I would highly recommend this company."