Termite Control Strategy Albany, CA

Worry and stress are common reactions home and business owners have when a property is invaded by termites in Albany, CA. Having a clear and effective termite control strategy can take the edge off this otherwise frustrating and often destructive problem. Pacific Coast Termite’s professional and knowledgeable team members are committed to working with each Albany, CA customer to alleviate their individual concerns and develop the best comprehensive yet affordable plan to rid their property of termites for good.

What Is A Comprehensive Termite Control Plan?

A comprehensive termite control plan is based on four sequential phases that are customized to fit each individual situation. The four phases are:

  1. Discovery: A professional termite inspection is conducted to assess the presence of termites and the extent of their damage.
  2. Eradication: Eco-friendly termite treatment products and effective non-tenting and non-fumigation methods are used to rid the property of infestations.
  3. Remediation: Wood containing termite damaged is repaired or replaced to bring back its structural integrity and visual appeal.
  4. Maintenance: A partnership is formed between our company and our customers who each take continual easy steps to prevent termites from returning.

Pacific Coast Termite Can Assist With Any Termite Problem

In Albany, CA and Alameda County there are several different common types of termites. Each species of these wood eating insects have different signs, patterns, environments they prefer, and type of destruction they cause.

Our licensed termite company has performed over 50,000 termite treatments in California since 2007 and are experts at pinpointing the exact nature and most appropriate remedy for any type or size of termite problem.

Contact us now at 510-340-9784 or reach us online to schedule a termite inspection and find out the best strategy to put your termite problems behind you. We’re here to help!

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