Castro Valley Termite Control Services

Since 2007 Pacific Coast Termite has been performing termite control services for Castro Valley home and business owners. We are known for our professional termite inspections, affordable termite treatments, skilled wood repairs, and termite prevention pre-treatments.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll see firsthand the high level of expertise our termite company has used to perform over 50,000 termite treatments throughout California without tenting or fumigation. In addition, not only will the fact that we are licensed give you peace of mind but we also provide warranty periods for termite treatments and wood repairs so you stay protected.

Do Termites Feed On Wood?

Yes! Termites feed on cellulose that is contained in wood. This makes them highly disadvantageous to have in or near your home or business. Even if you don’t notice any signs of termites, they may be secretly affecting the physical integrity of your walls, flooring, and other structural components.

Castro Valley Termite Inspections

Don’t wonder if you have termites! Find out for sure. Contact Pacific Coast Termite at 510-340-9784 or online to get your home or business inspected. As an experienced and efficient termite company, we have termite inspectors in Castro Valley who are ready help you figure out what type of termites you may have and how to best protect your Alameda County property.

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