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Guess what insect ranks in the Top 10 most troublesome pests in Concord, CA? Termites! We would have thought they would be in the Top 3 because termite colonies can destroy a house if an active infestation is not exterminated and grows in size. The insurance company may call it a “total loss” and conclude it be demolished. Therefore, it’s important you always get a termite inspection when buying a house. Your mortgage lender will likely require one.

If you feel your house has termites but not 100% sure, contact a state-licensed pest control company that specializes in termite control and removal.

Pacific Coast Termite is a locally-owned business serving Concord and surrounding cities in Contra Costa County, California. Our crew of certified inspectors and technicians are in the field Monday to Friday, so it’s possible a free termite inspection can be arranged within a day or two of your phone call or online submission.

Even when termites are swarming in Concord we try our best to arrive at your property the same day.

Since 2004 our termite company has performed over 50,000 residential and commercial termite treatments in California without fumigation or tenting.

Concord homeowners don’t like being told they have to vacate their homes for several days. They prefer we use Orange Oil because it’s harmless to humans and pets and “no-tent” is required. Our crews can do their work with minimal disruption to you and family.

We warranty our termite treatments for 2 years. Our warranty can be transferred to a new owner, and there is no charge for a termite inspection if you sell your property.

Early Termite Detection in Concord, CA

Imagine being told your home or building in Concord has termites. You’re sure to experience a range of emotions from fear to anxiety to anger. How could this happen? Why me?

An inspection performed annually can help homeowners find and treat all termite species before their colonies grow in size. Our inspectors know how to detect termites living inside or outside your property.

Early detection is important because when termite damage is found early, it may be easier to repair. A support beam that is only 5% damaged is a lot easier (and less expensive) to repair than a beam that is 75% destroyed and on the verge of collapse.
We know all about the three termite species in Northern California: the Drywood Termite, Subterranean Termite and Dampwood Termite. All will become a major problem if they aren’t exterminated before they reach maturity.

  • Drywood termites (3/8 – 1 inch long)
  • Dampwood termites (1/2 – 5/8 inch long)
  • Subterranean termites (1/8 inch long)

Schedule a FREE Termite Inspection in Concord

The best way to know for sure whether your house or building in Concord has termites is to call the professionals at Pacific Coast Termite. They will schedule a FREE termite inspection with one of our field inspectors to examine your property for signs of termite activity and damage. If termites are found, they will provide a written proposal with pricing to control and remove termites using methods that don’t require fumigation or tenting.

Contact us at (510) 340-9784 or schedule the inspection online today.

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