Foster City, CA Termite Control

Do you have suspicions that your Foster City property may have a termite problem? Let Pacific Coast Termite assist. One of our qualified termite inspectors can let you know if you have any termite infestations so you no longer have to speculate on your own.

We know where termites live and are very familiar with both the obvious and the not so obvious clues they leave behind. If a termite inspection identifies the presence of termites, you will receive a free no-obligation treatment estimate based on our experience of performing over 45,000 successful eco-friendly termite treatments in California since 2007.

What Are The Most Common Clues Left By Termites?

Not all species of termites thrive under the exact same conditions. Therefore, the clues they leave behind can be different as well. In the case of termites that need a lot of moisture, tubes of mud can be common. On the other hand, termites that don’t need hardly any moisture may create small piles of wood shavings.

Additional clues you might see include:

  • Insects flying in swarms
  • Wood containing many small non-natural holes
  • Windowsills or floors with paper-like wings

How Can Foster City Termites Be Eradicated?

As our customers in Foster City can attest to, scheduling free routine termite inspections with Pacific Coast Termite is the best thing they do to minimize damage and keep termites away.

A termite inspection is the first step in a four-part system we use to create lasting success. Our qualified staff will walk you through each step and answer any questions you many have as we:

  1. Inspect for termites and provide our professional treatment recommendations
  2. Eradicate existing termites
  3. Repair or replace any termite damaged wood
  4. Keep your property infestation free

Why Choose Our Foster City Termite Company?

Our licensed termite company specializes in:

  • Full-service termite control that does not use tenting or fumigation.
  • Treating each project and customer individually to ensure full success.
  • Not allowing anything less than 100% satisfaction and results to earn your trust.
  • Never using subcontractors so you always know you are working with one of our dedicated specialists that has your best interest in mind.
  • Earning high customer marks for exceeding expectations.
  • Keeping our long standing A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Why not get started with a termite inspection to become clear on your property’s termite status? Reach out to us at 650-314-9117 or online to get your inspection scheduled right away. We are waiting and ready to help!

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