Half Moon Bay, CA Termite Control

Do you wish you could waive a magic wand and have your home become instantly free of termites? Although we can’t perform magic, Pacific Coast Termite is the next best thing for easy, safe, affordable, and effective Half Moon Bay termite control.

Our termite company has completed over 50,000 eco-friendly termite treatments throughout San Mateo County and California since 2007. With our high level of experience and reputation for excellent customer service, we get any size job done without the hassle of tenting or fumigation.

Are Termites Easy to Find?

Sometimes termites are easy to find and other times they are not. Here are several common ways to start investigating.

  • Search Inside: Look inside your home for common signs. Paper-like wings on windowsills, small wood shaving piles, crumbling drywall, or sagging doors may indicate interior termite infestations.
  • Search Outside: Look around the outside of your home for potential warning signs. If you see flying insects, tubes of mud, or tiny holes in logs, lumber, or tree stumps you may have an exterior termite infestation.
  • Confirm Findings: Want to let a trained professional confirm your termite suspicions or do the entire search for you? No problem! Knowledge and tools are what our Half Moon Bay termite inspectors use to find infestations both inside and outside of your home.

Contact Half Moon Bay Termite Company

When you need help with a Half Moon Bay termite inspection, our skilled inspectors are ready to assist. First, we’ll determine your home’s termite status. Then, if termites are found, we’ll work together to put a satisfactory termite treatment plan in place.

Get your Half Moon Bay termite problems under control without delay. Contact Pacific Coast Termite at 650-314-9117 or online to get started.

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