La Palma, CA Termite Control

Do you want to safely rid your home of termites? If so, Pacific Coast Termite is the best La Palma termite company for you. Having performed over 50,000 eco-friendly termite treatments throughout Orange County and California since 2007, we have the experience you need and the professionalism you can trust.

Whether you have used a termite company before or this is your first time, rest assured we will work with you to determine exactly what need. Our reputation is at stake and your satisfaction is our top priority!

How Can I Check For Termites?

Termites can either be easy to see or hard to find. Here are three ways to begin a search.

  1. Visual Interior Inspection: As you walk through your house what do you see? Paper-like wings on windowsills, counters, or floors? Small piles of wood shavings? Crumbling drywall? Sagging doors? If so, termites may be living inside your home.
  2. Visual Exterior Inspection: As you walk around the perimeter of your home, what do you notice? Swarms of flying insects? Tubes of mud across concrete surfaces? Tiny holes in tree stumps or stacks of wood? If so, termites may have infested the outside of your home.
  3. Professional Termite Inspection: Want to leave it to the professionals? A La Palma termite inspector will investigate the inside and outside of your home. They have the training and tools to find termites that are easy to see as well as those that are hidden and hard to find. They can also let you know if what you have noticed yourself is from termites or has been caused by something else.

Ready for a La Palma Termite Inspection?

When you are ready for a termite inspection in La Palma, Pacific Coast Termite is here to help! Regular termite inspections are the best way to check for termites. We can also give you recommendations on termite treatment plans to get rid of them and keep them away.

Contact us today at 714-450-1250 or online for all of your La Palma termite control needs.

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