Long Beach Termite Control

For the most trusted name in termite control in the City of Long Beach there’s Pacific Coast Termite. We warranty our work for both existing termite infestations and any new termite infestations. We’re all about providing effective termite treatments for any of the 168,000 houses in Long Beach [1].

Our licensed and certified Termite Technicians can provide solutions to remove all types of termites such as: drywood termites, dampwood termites, subterranean termites, and formosan termites.

The initial termite inspection is free*, so schedule an appointment with us Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

*Restrictions Apply: If your home is for sale or in escrow there is a $350 fee for the inspection. For a re-finance, the inspection costs $95. Additional restrictions apply. Call for details.

Long Beach Termite Damage Inspection

Since 2007 we have treated thousands of houses and businesses for termites in Long Beach neighborhoods. Our inspectors and technicians have seen it all – from minor termite damage in the corner of a porch to extreme infestations like something right out of a horror movie!

Due to Long Beach’s Mediterranean-like climate, we expect to find termites in the hot and dry summer months and mild and damp winter months.

Our inspectors will probe both exterior and interior wood structures with a screwdriver or ice pick to look for termite damage. This might include window sills, sub floors, joists, support posts, supporting piers, basement window frames, wood under porches.

They’ll also look for areas where concrete structures join wooden structures, like steps or porches. If they spot mud tubes or swarmers, there’s likely damage.

Because every home is unique, its termite inspection will also be unique. The severity of termite damage will vary.

When you need help getting rid of Long Beach termites call 714-450-1250 to schedule a free termite inspection Monday through Saturday.

2-Year Termite Warranty

  • We warranty your home or business for 2 years
  • Our warranty includes both existing termite infestations and any new termite infestations
  • After the original 2 year warranty expires we offer an annual renewal program
  • While under warranty there is no charge for an inspection if you sell your property
  • Our warranty can be transferred to a new owner

1. CityData – Long Beach, CA (California) Houses and Residents

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