Termite Control in Menlo Park, CA

Unfortunately, any home can fall prey to termite damage. Often it happens without a homeowner even realizing that a termite infestation exists. If this happens to your Menlo Park home, you are not alone. Deterioration of residential and commercial property by termites across the United States is all too common. They generate billions of dollars’ worth of destruction each year. This is alarming and Pacific Coast Termite is committed to assisting Californians like you in guarding your property against these unwanted intruders.

How Do You Treat for Termites?

Pacific Coast Termite can be trusted to thoroughly inspect your home and eliminate termites. We avoid unnecessary tenting and fumigation. Instead we use an array of safe and effective treatments and methods to rid termites from your home. One such example is XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™ applied using both the drill method and the scope and treat method.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™:

  • is a made from a plant-based essential oil that is often used in products such as cleaning supplies and pet shampoo
  • is extremely concentrated and therefore has a highly acidic pH level that destroys termites but has a minimal effect on humans
  • eliminates risk to landscaping and vegetation
  • eradicates termites and their eggs via contact or consumption of recently treated wood
  • has been studied for effectiveness by an experienced entomologist at the University of Florida
  • allows you to stay home while your property is being professionally treated
  • comes with a 2 year warranty covering both current and future infestations

The methods used by Pacific Coast Termite:

  • maximize a single treatment coverage area
  • ensure full saturation of damaged wood and surrounding areas
  • allow for deep penetration of affected boards without going all the way through them
  • provide visibility into areas that were previously considered inaccessible
  • avoid damage to plumbing, wiring, and other concealed items

Worry-Free Menlo Park Termite Inspection

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Contact Pacific Coast Termite today at 650-314-9117 or online to schedule your termite inspection. Be our next relaxed and worry-free Menlo Park valued customer! We have the exceptional equipment, training, knowledge, skill level, and customer service you would want from a termite company fending off termite infestations in your home. Our termite control services have you covered for the long run. Not only will we rid your home of termites initially but safeguards are available to halt them for good.

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