Millbrae Termite Company Upholds Its Core Values

When our Millbrae termite company was choosing which termite control services to offer and what values we would uphold over a dozen years ago, there were several things we agreed on right away that we’ve stuck to since then.

  • Only use eco-friendly termite treatment products.
  • Use safe and effective non-tenting termite treatment methods.
  • Develop a sequential protocol to rid properties of termites and keep them away long-term.
  • Have in-house carpenters rather than use sub-contractors.
  • Warranty our termite treatments and wood repairs.
  • Service California residential and commercial properties.
  • Hire and train termite inspectors and technicians to have specialized local knowledge and expertise.
  • Price our services reasonably.
  • Listen to each customer’s specific needs.
  • Provide thoughtful recommendations and clear quotes based on each customer’s particular circumstances.
  • Plan well so every job is done correctly the first time.
  • Be honest, friendly, prompt, trustworthy, and professional.
  • Communicate effectively with each other and with our customers.
  • Ask for and learn from feedback.
  • Take our jobs seriously.
  • Enjoy whatever task is at hand!

Find Out if Your Property Needs Termite Treatment

Some termite signs are obvious and some are not. If you see paper-like wings on windowsills, small tubes of mud, holes in wood that weren’t there previously, swarms of flying insects, or little piles of wood shavings there’s a good chance you have a termite infestation. However, to be sure or to have a trained eye look for signs that are less obvious or more hidden, a professional termite inspection from a reputable termite company in Millbrae is your best bet.

Our Termite Company is Ready to Assist in the City of Millbrae

Pacific Coast Termite is ready to assist with any Millbrae termite control or wood repair needs you have. Give us a call at 650-314-9117 or contact us online for fast friendly service. We look forward to serving you!

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