Milpitas, CA: Termite Treatment Factors

As you may already know, there are many factors to consider when you need to get rid of termites that have invaded your Milpitas home or business. The first thing that usually comes to mind is choosing a licensed and experienced Milpitas termite company with a well established reputation for customer service and results. Equally important is hiring a termite company that is eco-sensitive by using well established eco-friendly termite treatments and methods. For more than 10 years, Milpitas residents have trusted Pacific Coast Termite to reliably do both of these thing.

Are There Alternatives to Tenting and Fumigation?

For many of us, the thought of having our entire home or business tented and fumigated for termites can feel daunting. The preparation needed can be extensive and the process can seem unnecessarily intrusive. Fortunately other well-established and accepted approaches that do not require tenting or fumigation are available.

Pacific Coast Termite utilizes the following in their Milpitas termite control projects:

  • Naturally occurring essential oil that is devastating to termites but not to humans
  • Drill methods that don’t go all the way through wood but still allow it to be deeply penetrated
  • Borescopes to reach and treat otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Pretreatment of wood to eradicate it as a termite food source

Our highly trained California termite treatment technicians have successfully completed over 45,000 treatments with the highest customer satisfaction in mind. Developing an effective plan that is customized for the specific needs of your property and delivering on all of our promises is how we define true success.

Get Started With A Free Milpitas Termite Inspection

Don’t let termites destroy your property any further requiring more cost and causing regret for not starting sooner. Begin the termite eradication process right away with an informative termite inspection.

Our uncomplicated and straightforward findings and professional treatment suggestions will be patiently explained so you will have everything you need to confidently make decisions and move forward fast.

Pacific Coast Termite is a full-service termite company here to assist with anything you need. Call us now to get started at 408-740-3281 or contact us online. We’ve got your back!

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