Termite Treatment in Mission Viejo, CA

When it comes to ridding your Mission Viejo property of termites, we bet you already realize there are many things to take into account. Of course you will want to work with an experienced, licensed, and professional termite company with a good track record. You’ll also want to ensure the company you choose uses safe and effective treatment products and methods. Our Mission Viejo residential and commercial customers have been trusting Pacific Coast Termite for all of this and more since 2007.

Are There Safe and Reliable Termite Treatment Alternatives to Tenting and Fumigation?

For most of us, when we hear “termite treatment” we immediately think of a huge tent that is big enough to cover an entire house. Also, for those of us who have had our home tented and fumigated we remember all the preparation that went into keeping our home’s contents safe. Luckily there are established and reliable eco-friendly non-fumigation and non-tenting alternatives.

Termite control treatment products and methods used by Pacific Coast Termite in Mission Viejo include:

  • XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™ – Contains a natural essential oil that is devastating to termites but minimally consequential to humans.
  • Drill Treatment Method – Enables deep saturation of infected and surrounding wood without drilling entirely through.
  • Scope and Treat Method – Allows for treatment in hard to access areas through the use of borescopes.
  • Wood pretreated with Bora-Care® – Eliminates the wood as a termite food source.

Our highly skilled specialists have performed over 45,000 termite treatments in California since 2007. Each home and situation are a little different and we take the time to lay out a plan that will get the job done right. Your 100% satisfaction is our greatest measure of success.

Get Started With A Free Termite Inspection in Mission Viejo

The best way to get started is with scheduling a professional no obligation termite inspection. The sooner this is done the better so any infestation or wood damage doesn’t get worse costing you extra money and regret.

Our termite inspections are followed by easy to understand treatment recommendations and answers to any of your questions so you feel comfortable in deciding how to proceed.

The entire Pacific Coast Termite staff is here for any of your Mission Viejo termite inspection, treatment, wood repair, or maintenance needs. Give us a call at 714-450-1250 or contact us online now. We’ve got you covered!

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