Get Started On Termite Control In Oakland, CA

With busy schedules and so much to do, it’s no wonder property owners often wait to start termite control beyond when they ideally should. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! Many of our Oakland and Alameda County customers can relate. In addition to being busy with other things, there are a few common myths that have also contributed to their delay.

Common Myths About Termite Treatment

Myth – All termite eradication requires tenting and fumigation.
Fact – Eco-friendly and effective non-tenting and non-fumigation termite treatment products and methods are available. (By the way, our licensed termite company has used these alternatives to conduct over 50,000 termite treatments in California since 2007.)

Myth – A lot of preparation time is necessary to protect my belongings.
Fact – Without fumigation, your belongings are safe which saves you a large amount of time and hassle.

Myth – Plans must be made to have a place to go during termite treatment.
Fact – Without tenting and fumigation you don’t need to leave your home or shut down your business while termite treatment is being conducted.

Myth – Concerns will linger about the safety of people, pets, and landscaping long after treatment is finished.
Fact – Typical alternative treatment products such as XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™ are made of naturally occurring essential oils and are applied locally to termite infested areas. This leaves most customers with greatly reduced health concerns than they would have with traditional fumigation methods.

Take The First Step With A Termite Inspection

As you probably now realize, there aren’t as many reasons to put off getting started as you may have previously thought. Besides, the sooner termite infestations are eradicated the sooner progressive wood damage will halt and the less it may cost to repair.

Start with a professional termite inspection by calling Pacific Coast Termite at 510-340-9784 or contacting us online. A skilled and personable Oakland termite inspector will get you the exact information you need to get your termite control concerns taken care of right away!

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