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Does your Pasadena property need a termite inspection or termite treatment? If it does, Pacific Coast Termite’s highly trained and efficient staff can perform the services you need right away. Over 50,000 termite treatments have been conducted throughout California since 2007 and you could be next in becoming one of our many happy customers.

What Should I Ask When Calling a Termite Company?

In addition to the typical questions you would ask any type of contractor you are looking to hire, here are a few that may be useful in finding a Pasadena termite company that is the right fit for you.

  • Do you provide free termite inspections in Pasadena? Make sure you know this upfront so there are no surprises. Also, ask how detailed their work cost estimates are and how soon after the termite inspection is completed you will receive one.
  • What type of termite treatments do you provide? Some termite companies use tenting and fumigation and some do not. Find out what they use in Pasadena and ask them to give you an overview of their typical termite treatment process.
  • Are wood repairs something your termite company can do? Most termite companies will say they are able to repair wood that has dry rot or termite damage. However, some use subcontractors instead of their own employees so make sure to ask ahead of time if this factor is a concern.

Ready for Termite Control in Pasadena?

We’re here for you! Call Pacific Coast Termite at (714) 450-1250 or contact us online and we’ll schedule one of our Los Angeles County termite inspectors to inspect your property, provide appropriate recommendations, and coordinate treatment and repairs to achieve the results you are looking for.

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Kevin M.

Kevin M.

Full subterranean and drywood termite treatment done on home. Customer will also be receiving a 2 year warranty with treatment.

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