Get San Luis Obispo Termite Infestations Under Control

Do you know how to tell the difference between flying termites and swarming termites? If you’re like most San Luis Obispo homeowners, you can’t tell the difference or frankly care to know. All you want is somebody to get rid of them from your house. That’s where Pacific Coast Termite can help.

Our professional exterminators can instantly tell you if you swarming termites or flying ants and pin point a colony’s location, entry and exit points. When inspecting for termite activity, they will be alert for conditions leading to termite infestations like wood-to-soil contact around foundation walls, crawl spaces and other locations that tend to be warm, damp or moist.

If termites are detected in your free inspection, your inspector will propose a plan to control any infestation problem from growing worse. According to experts, a 2×4 piece of lumber can be consumed over a period of about five months by a colony of 60,000 termites.

All our San Luis Obispo termite control plans employ non-repellents like Termidor and orange oil that don’t require you to fumigate or vacate your house. We have a high success rate with our treatment plans that we don’t need to recommend tenting or fumigation. And with our 2 year warranty, you can be reassured that if any termites reappear we will be back to eradicate them for no charge.

The most common type of termites we find in San Luis Obispo, CA are drywood and subterranean termites. They can cause a lot of wood damage to your house. Fortunately we have in-house team of professional carpenters who can repair any wood structure damaged by termites. Your inspector will list their fees in your inspection report and treatment proposal.

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