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Santa Ana residents who think they have termites in their homes trust Pacific Coast Termite’s inspectors to confirm or deny their existence.

Since 2007 we have specialized in Santa Ana termite control using low toxic and natural treatments such as orange oil. We believe tenting and fumigation are inconvenient because the homeowner is required to vacate for at least 2 days; remove all living things from the house; seal all consumables in air tight containers; and possibly pay hotel expenses.

For over 10 years, Pacific Coast Termite has been treating termite infested homes in Santa Ana, CA. With a 95% client referral rate and over 45,000 satisfied customers, it’s no wonder homeowners choose Pacific Coast Termite to eradicate termites and repair any wood damaged by termites. We pledge to protect your home from these invasive pests with a 2 year service warranty. While under warranty there is no charge for an inspection if you sell your property. Plus our warranty can be transferred to a new owner.

Are you ready to rid your house of termites? Contact the best termite company in Santa Ana today! Call us at 714-450-1250 to schedule a free in home estimate!

Signs that you may have Santa Ana termites

Usually in the Spring when the Santa Ana winds are hot, flying termites can be see swarming inside and outside houses. They shed their wings so you’ll want to look for shed wings on windowsills, counters or floors.

Since all termites eat wood, you will want to look for tiny holes in wood structures like door and window frames, joists or beams. If you notice small piles of wood shavings or crumbling drywall, you may have a Santa Ana termite infestation. If you have subterranean termites, you will notice mud tubes and other debris across concrete surfaces.

Watch this PestWorld video for more signs of a termite infestation.

Don’t confuse flying termites with flying ants

While many homeowners think that finding termites in their home would be the stuff of nightmares, very few can differentiate termites from flying ants. At first glance both flying insects look the same due to their small size. But on further inspection there are certain characteristics that make them clearly different.

  • Antennae: Flying termites antennae are straight, while flying ants’ antennae are elbowed.
  • Waist: Flying termites have thick waists, while flying ants’ waits are narrow.
  • Wings: Flying termites have equal wing lengths, while flying ants’ have unequal wing lengths.

If during a free Santa Ana termite inspection we spot both flying termites and flying ants, we will hold them side-by-side for comparison.

flying termite comparision to flying ant

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