Before buying a Los Angeles commercial property, get a termite inspection

Before you purchase a Los Angeles commercial property, it is worth the time, effort, and money to ensure a Los Angeles termite inspection has been completed and is current.

Termites are nondiscriminatory when it comes to where they build colonies. They do not distinguish between residential or commercial properties. They are only concerned with being able to find a viable food source: wood. Termites can easily eat through the wooden support structures in a commercial building and cause thousands of dollars of damage just like they do with residential properties.

The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars dealing with a termite infestation while attempting to open your new business location.

Include a termite inspection clause

During the sales negotiation process through your commercial real estate agent, ask him or her to include a clause requesting that a termite company in Los Angeles, such as Pacific Coast Termite, complete a detailed inspection prior to the sale of the property. Often the seller is willing to accommodate the request if they are motivated and want to quickly sell the property without any delays at closing.

If you encounter a stubborn seller unwilling to pay for a current inspection, consider paying for the Los Angeles termite inspection yourself. You could propose a lower selling price to offset any out-of-pocket expenses associated with purchasing the commercial property.

Additionally, keep in mind if the property is being sold “as-is,” then the seller is not necessarily required to pay for the inspection. Depending upon the age of the building, again, you do not want to invest your money into a property if there are pest problems that are only going to further increase your costs to fully resolve and guarantee the building is up to current Los Angeles building codes.

Protect your commercial building with regular pest control inspections in Los Angeles

Termite control in Los Angeles is an ongoing process requiring regular pest control inspections of your business property. Termites are not the only pests that can cause headaches and problems for your business. Roaches, ants, rats, mice, and other wood-eating insects could become a problem if your commercial building is not properly protected and treated.

Therefore we recommended you have a detailed inspection completed annually to guarantee your property is pest free. Depending on the type of business operation, you may require more frequent treatments and inspections.

For instance, restaurants, grocery stores, and other operations where food is available for sale need monthly inspections to keep pests from getting inside their business. Pest infestations can damage your business reputation if they are made public. The last thing you want to do is watch the local news and see your Los Angeles business featured with pest problems.

Before buying a Los Angeles commercial property, schedule a termite inspection

To learn more about the importance of getting a pest and termite inspection for a commercial property you are considering buying, or for any properties you already own in Los Angeles, contact us today by calling 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) or completing our inspection form online.