Confirm termite infestations with a termite inspection in San Jose

San Jose is home to several species of termites that can cause damage to your residence. Learning some of the signs for potential infections is essential to protecting your investment from these unwanted pests.

For instance, what appears like dry rot on different parts of wood on the exterior of the home may be signs termites are eating your home, one section at a time.

Another indication of potential infestation inside the home is sawdust along baseboards, or inside cupboards and cabinets, as well as in areas of the floor where it seems soft and not solid.

If you notice any of these warning signs, schedule a free termite inspection in San Jose from our qualified pest control company.

Termites breeding season in San Jose

Finding and discovering termites on your own is often a difficult task. Termites prefer the dark, and they rarely come out into the sunlight, other than during breeding season.

In San Jose, termites breed in the late summer and early fall. They are frequently confused with flying ants because they look rather similar. Many people do not realize termites grow wings during mating season, so they assume the insects they see flying around are ants. If you noticed swarms of what you thought were flying ants near your home, we recommend you have your home and property inspected for termites.

Remember that termites can live above and below ground, depending on the type of species. Above ground termites establish their colonies within homes in the attic, in between subflooring, and in the walls behind drywall. Below ground termites prefer living in dirt, but this does not deter them from seeking out their favorite food: wood.

Even if your San Jose home was built on a concrete slab or with a partially finished basement, all it takes is one small crack, and termites have access to your home and an “all you can eat” wood buffet!

Should you be concerned over a few termite colonies on your San Jose property?


In nature, termites eat dry wood and help with its decomposition. You may notice signs of termites on your property if you have firewood piles, dry branches, or dead trees. Even though it seems like the termites are far from your home, or there are only a few colonies, you need to be concerned.

Termites never sleep, and they constantly work, eating wood to grow and expand their colonies. There can be hundreds of colonies within the ground, each containing millions of termites, spread over a relatively small space of less than an acre — and only a few feet away from your home.

A termite inspection in San Jose can confirm the existence of termites on your property, as well as within your home. It is far better to find out, now, the potential for termite infestations, instead of waiting for your home to be invaded by termites.

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