Schedule a termite inspection in Orange County before starting winterization projects

The fall is an ideal time to winterize your home and make house repairs. While you are considering what you can do to improve your home, also consider a termite inspection in Orange County. Finding out if your home currently has termites or other pests, before starting your home improvement and repair projects, is more cost-effective.

If you discover you have pest problems later, all the hard work you just completed could be undone and result in great home repair costs.

Termite breeding season typically starts in September and runs through October in Orange County. Many people easily mistake termites for flying ants since they look rather similar. During breeding season, termites are looking for places to establish new colonies. A few termites could easily invade your home if it provides an ideal environment and food source. Catching termites in the early colonization phase in November will save you thousands on home repairs.

The combination of humidity and heat experienced at this time of year makes Orange County perfect for termite breeding in early fall. Since termites are relatively small, they only need to find a small exposed section of wood to start their new colony. Termites have poor eyesight, so their other senses are more heightened. They can easily find small openings into the interior of your home to gain access to an “all-you-can-eat buffet” of wood.

Your Orange County home could easily be at risk for more than one new termite colony. Termites rely on the wind as they fly around looking for suitable mates and a place to call home. It is entirely possible for several new termite couples to take up residence and start laying eggs to colonize your home. A termite inspection in Orange County carefully examines the entire home for potential termite and pest infestations. The process involves looking for signs of current problems, identifying potential entry points, and recommending specific types of treatments to remedy current issues and protect your home from termites and pests in the future.

One popular preventive treatment many Orange County homeowners use is called TAP Insulation. This product combines the benefits of pest control with a fiber insulation to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Not only is your home protected from termites and other pests, it is also better insulated, for more effective interior temperature control and improved acoustical insulation to block out exterior sounds.

For more extensive home repair and improvement projects, where you are replacing wood on the home, it is highly recommended that you have a termite company in Orange County pretreat the wood before you install it. Pretreating makes it easier to ensure all of the wood is protected against termites and other pests.

Before winterizing your Orange County home, schedule a termite inspection

To learn more about TAP insulation, wood pretreatments, or to schedule your complimentary home inspection before starting on your winterization projects, contact us, here at Pacific Coast Termite today, by calling 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) or completing our inspection form online.