What is the best termite treatment in San Diego?

tech applies termite treatment san diego home

There are 3 different termite control methods in San Diego to help protect your home.

Deciding which one is best is largely based on the results of a detailed whole house inspection from a qualified pest control technician. If your home is currently infested with termites, wood-eating beetles, or other pests, you will need a pest control treatment to eliminate these unwanted guests from the home.

Some of the various treatments used in this situation include:

  • Structure Treatment:
    The locations of termite colonies within the home are clearly identified and targeted in an efficient and effective manner, using various products such as XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus.
  • Drill Treatment:
    For more serious termite infestations, small holes are drilled into wood in key locations and wood is saturated with an appropriate product for killing termites and the colony.
  • Scope Treatment:
    Small holes are drilled in locations through drywall to pinpoint the exact location of termites and their colonies. This procedure is noninvasive and, once treatment has been completed, the holes are patched.

After termite treatment in San Diego to kill termites and their colonies, you need to protect your home with other treatment methods. Your environmental pest control specialist not only inspects your home, but also your yard and other outdoor locations, to discover signs of termite activity that has not yet reached your home. Killing termites in these locations prevents them from colonizing your home in the future.

The exterior of your home’s perimeter can be treated to stop termites with Premise®. This termite control treatment method is applied to the soil around the exterior of the home. Termites which enter into the treated areas are not repelled, common with other types of outdoor treatments, but instead are killed because they stop feeding. Any exposed termites carry Premise® back to the colony and transfer it to other unexposed termites to kill them, too.

In situations where your home is not currently infested with termites and other pests, your pest control specialist makes recommendations based on the location of your home within San Diego, as well as the types of materials that were used to construct your home. Preventive termite and pest treatment might include using XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus, Bora-Care®, Premise®, Termidor®, or Altriset® or a combination of products to target key locations and offer the best protection.

The effectiveness of termite treatments in San Diego does deteriorate over time. Most products need to be reapplied to keep your home fully protected. Your termite control technician will provide you with a recommended inspection and treatment plan showing how often your home should be inspected, and when products need to be reapplied.

For more information about termite control in San Diego, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in California, contact Pacific Coast Termite today by calling 1-800-PACIFIC (1-800-722-4342) to schedule your free home inspection with one of our friendly and experienced termite and pest control technicians.