How termite colonies are established

termite colony

Termites live in a colony, just like ants, and have specific roles for helping to maintain the colony.

There is a queen and king, soldiers and workers, and alates (or winged termites).

A new termite colony is started when males and females leave their colony to mate. During the mating period, both males and females have wings and fly around in order to find a mate and a location to establish their new colony.


After an earthquake in San Diego get a termite inspection

earthquake damge creates termite openings

Earthquakes can occur at any time in San Diego. After an earthquake, you need to inspect your home for damage and ensure it is still structurally sound.

Even the smallest of earthquakes could create tiny cracks in foundations, crawl spaces, and other areas of your home, creating easy access for insects and other pests.

Once pests take up residence in your home, it is difficult to get rid of them without help from our termite company in San Diego.


California homes are at risk for rodent infestations

California homes are at risk for rodents, such as mice and rats.

These pests can get into homes from small openings in crawl spaces, air vents, pipe openings, and small cracks. Further, rats chew through wood, concrete, and brick to make an opening into the home, while mice are able to fit in between gaps much smaller than their body to gain entry.

Both types of rodents tend to remain hidden as much as possible. This often makes it difficult to tell there is an infestation in the home.