Our termite company in Los Angeles helps protect your home

Homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area need to be aware of potential threats to their homes.

Sure it is easy to protect your home against the elements by making sure the roof is in good repair, by adding insulation and new windows to improve the energy efficiency of the home, and by applying new caulking whenever it is needed.

But protecting your home against unwanted pests, termites, and other insects is another matter.


All homeowners need termite control in Los Angeles

All Los Angeles homeowners should be concerned with potential damage to their home from a variety of sources: fire, wind, mudslides, rain, and pests. Out of all of these, pests, especially termites, are the top threat for homeowners when it comes to protecting their property.

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are responsible for more than $5 billion in household damages throughout the country. This is more than damages from severe weather, fires, and floods combined. While Mother Nature is unpredictable, protecting your home against termites is not, with the proper termite control in Los Angeles.


Get a termite inspection in Los Angeles before buying a home

While you might not think termites are an issue when shopping for a new condominium downtown, and only a possible concern for homes in the suburbs, you would be wrong.

One particular species of termites, called drywood termites, do not require an in-ground colony. This particular species builds colonies in dry wood and survives outside of the ground as long as they have access to steady source of wood.

Southern California is an ideal climate for several different species of termites to live and thrive. Termites are quite capable of adapting to their surroundings, even in large cities like Los Angeles.


Why coastal homes need termite control in Los Angeles

termite damaged railing in los angeles coastal town

If you own a coastal home in Los Angeles you know how sea salt naturally extracts moisture from wood structures, causing it to dry out. In order maintain wood support columns, siding, or shutters requires resealing on a regular basis.

However, damage from sea water salt should not be your only concern.


Before buying a Los Angeles commercial property, get a termite inspection

Before you purchase a Los Angeles commercial property, it is worth the time, effort, and money to ensure a Los Angeles termite inspection has been completed and is current.

Termites are nondiscriminatory when it comes to where they build colonies. They do not distinguish between residential or commercial properties. They are only concerned with being able to find a viable food source: wood. Termites can easily eat through the wooden support structures in a commercial building and cause thousands of dollars of damage just like they do with residential properties.